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Chou bei Japanese Restaurant @ Changi Village Hotel

....After placing our orders, the cold sake was served first to us, with pretty sake glasses to boot. Our sashimi platter came with salmon, tuna, swordfish (my favourite!) and other white fish. The sashimi slices were fresh, although I've tasted sweeter cuts at other restaurants. We chose a hotpot for variety, and we were pleased with the service staff, who were meticulous in setting up the portable stove and helping us with the cooking. The hotpot set ($35) came with assorted vegetables, prawns, sashimi slices, udon and a savoury soup base....

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Foie Gras & Scallop Nigiri Sushi

I'm not too keen about foie gras but this combination is excellent. According to Chef Ong this is a traditional Japanese sushi that is hard to find here. The softness of the foie gras and the crunchiness of the scallop is a great combination.

All Things Nippon...
Leong Ah San
Prawn Sashimi

These prawns (not tiger) were really an awesome treat - they were sweet and succulent! Being so fresh u could also hear the crunch as u bite into the prawns! You get miso prawn head soup after u are done with the sashimi.

Japanese Oishii.
swordfish sashimi

Sweet and succulent. Really good.

Ah Leong San
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