Chef Profile - Choubei Japanese Restaurant

Chef Profile

Executive Chef
Ong Kian Teck

Singaporean born, and Japanese trained, Executive Chef Ong Kian Teck, or otherwise affectionately known as Ong-san, is the man behind Choubei Japanese Restaurant.  At a young age, Chef Ong discovered his love for the gastronomical world while watching and helping his mother whipped up dishes of delicacies for his family and neighbours. With his deep-rooted love for food preparation and cooking, and a fan of traditional Japanese cuisine, Chef Ong decided to start his professional career as a Chef, specialising in Japanese savouries. In a career that spanned over four decades, he has risen through the ranks and gained a spectrum of culinary experiences locally and in Japan.

He started his culinary odyssey as a trainee cook in a traditional authentic Japanese restaurant - Kanho Restaurant - in Singapore in 1976, under the tutelage of Chef Amino-san and Chef Watanabe-san. Three years after his first stint in the culinary world, he moved on to another Japanese restaurant - Fujiya Restaurant - where he received guidance from Chef Kameya-san for five years. These experiences spurred him on to pursue his dream to be a true-blue Japanese Chef. He flew to Kanazawa, Japan, in 1984 and worked a year in the kitchen of Senbazuru Restaurant in Hotel Otani. Under the guiding hands of his Japanese mentors, Chef Fujita-san and Chef Meida-san, Ong-san was not only able to refine his cooking skills but also learnt the art of traditional sushi making. On returning to Singapore, he worked with Chef Takahashi-san in yet another traditional Japanese restaurant - Kurumaya Restaurant for seven years before leaving to helm the kitchens of Osahime and Masakatsu restaurants as Executive Chef in 1995 and 2000 respectively.

In 2007, Chef Ong joined the board of Choubei Japanese restaurant as the Director and Executive Chef.  With his undying passion for the world of culinary arts and devotion for traditional Japanese cuisine, Chef Ong continues to delight his customers with his authentic and captivating dishes.